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00:00 Lvly feat. Jaslyn Edgar – Hold Tight
03:28 Mindme feat. Emmi – You Got Me Like
06:36 BLAEKER feat. King Sis – Tequila Shawty
09:40 Deanz feat. Revel Day – Dive Too Deep
12:32 Velee feat. Willow – Not Gonna Defend My Beating Heart
15:48 Lvly feat. Mia Pfirrman – Dive
18:40 BLAEKER feat. Jaslyn Edgar – More Of My Life
21:54 Gamma Skies feat. Emmi – Better
24:45 Ray feat. Phil Waters, SLCT – Made To Be Free (SLCT Remix)
28:07 Mia Pfirrman – Too Fly
30:54 Gamma Skies feat. Milva – Every Day
34:05 Cleo Kelley – Sola for Life
37:08 Lvly feat. Asta – Love You on the Inside
40:01 R.A.D. – Cuddle Baby
43:09 Katnip feat. Emmi – Hard to Love
46:34 Mindme feat. Amaranthine – Breaking Hearts
50:30 Alder feat. Vicki Vox – Talk About It
53:32 Gamma Skies feat. Cleo Kelley – Wilder
56:24 Mindme feat. Emmi – Might Be

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