1 hora de música rock para programar codar
1 hour rock music for programming coding
music for programming, to code
música para programar codar
music for Programming / Cyber / Coding
music for work
música para trabalhar

Points Of Authority – Ghost In The Machine Remix
Nevertel – Love Me Back (Nightcore)
Creed – My Sacrifice – Remix Feat Koralina
Nine Lashes – Never Back Down
Before The Curtain – Things I Never Said
Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong Aeon Remix
Nevertel – No Reverse
Goodgrief – Green Eyes (Pop Punk)
Linkin Park – Forgotten Remix
Beck Ost – By Her (Endless Travelling Map)
The American Classic – Drive
Beck Ost – Journey
Linkin Park Underground – Faint Demo Version 2002
Hope For Heroes – I Surrender
Waiting Room Reunion – Bird Song
Onlap – From Dust To Ashes
To No Avail – Captors
Chiliocosm – Learn The Hard Way
To No Avail – Ironside
Onlap – The Awakening (Acoustic Version)
Onlap – Turn Around (Acoustic)
Onlap – Whisperes In My Head (Acoustic)
Scarlet White – Never Met