Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

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0:00 Elias Naslin – Missing What’s You
3:07 Frigga – I Will Let You In
6:09 Johan Glossner – We Are Invincible
9:20 Kadawatha – Blue Skies Turning Red
12:33 Johannes Hager – The Darker The Sky
15:45 Forslund – There Is No Going Back
18:57 Sebastian Forslund – Wonders
22:13 Svensson – Dance The Night Away
25:23 Sebastian Forslund – Green Hills
28:35 Sebastian Forslund – What A Way To Go
31:35 Martin Hall – Heaven Forbid
34:50 Forslund – In Our Hands
38:05 Andersson – Better Days
41:16 Ljungberg – Let It Shine On Me
44:30 Martin Hall – Love For The Ocean
47:30 Jenny Roos – Old Time New Light 3
(starts repeating)
50:30 Elias Naslin – Missing What’s You
53:37 Frigga – I Will Let You In
56:38 Johan Glossner – We Are Invincible