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This great classical piano book includes 55 of the most beautiful Piano Solos of all times. Piano Masterpieces from the following great composers: Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Friedrich Burgmuller, Federic Chopin, Muzio Clementi, Claude Debussy, Edvard Grieg, George Frideric Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn, Friedrich Kuhlau, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Pachelbel, Christian Petzold, Eric Satie, Robert Alexander Schumann, Georg Philipp Telemann, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
This fine selection of classical piano sheet music is great as as gift for piano players, piano students and of course piano teachers and pianists.
This piano music book is also available as a spiral bound version. Just insert “spiral bound” plus the book title in the search bar.

    What’s inside

    Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

  • Solfeggio in D Major
    Johann Sebastian Bach

  • March in D Major (BWV Anh. 122)
  • March in G Major (BWV Anh. 124)
  • Invention no. 4 in D Minor (BWV 775)
  • Invention no. 8 in F Major (BWV 779)
  • Invention no. 13 in A Minor (BWV 784)
  • Minuet in G Major (BWV 116)
  • Polonaise in G Major (BWV Anh. 119)
  • Praeambulum 1 in C Major (BWV 924)
  • Prelude in C Minor (BWV 999)
  • Prelude in C Major (BWV 846)
  • Musette in D Major (BWV Anh. 126)
    Ludwig van Beethoven

  • For Elise A Minor (WoO.59)
  • Sonate in G Major (Op.49, No.20)
  • Sonatina in F Major (Anh. 5, No.2)
  • Sonatina in G Major (Anh. 5, No.1)
    Johann Friedrich Burgmuller

  • Arabesque (Op.100, No.2)
  • Tarantella (Op.100, No.20)
  • Ballade (Op.100, No.15)
    Federic Chopin

  • Polonaise in G Minor (B1)
  • Prelude in E Minor (Op.28, No.4)
  • Prelude in D-flat Major (Op.28, No.15)
  • Prelude in B Minor (Op.28, No.6)
    Muzio Clementi

  • Sonatina 1 in C Major (Op.36, No.1)
    Claude Debussy

  • The Little Nigar (Op.28, No.6)
    Edvard Grieg

  • Arietta (Op. 12, No.1)
  • Norwegian Melody (Op.12, No.6)
    George Frideric Handel

  • Chaconne from Suite in D Minor
  • Suite in D Minor (HWV 437)
    Franz Joseph Haydn

  • Minuet in F Major (HWV 437)
    Friedrich Kuhlau

  • Variations on an Austrian Folk Song (Op.42, No.1)
    Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

  • Songs Without Words (Op.30, No.3)
  • Songs Without Words (Op.19, No.6)
  • Songs Without Words (Op.30, No.6)
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Allegro in B-Flat Major (K.3)
  • Minuet in C Major (K.6)
  • Minuet in F Major (K.2)
  • Minuet in F Major (K.5)
  • Minuet in G Major (K.1)
  • Piano Sonata No.11 in A Major (K.331/3)
  • Sonate in C Major (K.545)
    Johann Pachelbel

  • Fugue in A Major (P 162)
    Christian Petzold

  • Minuet in G Major (BWV Anh.114)
    Eric Satie

  • Gymnopedie No.1
    Robert Alexander Schumann

  • Scenes from Childhood (Op.15, No.4)
  • First Loss (Op.68, No.16)
  • Siciliana (Op.68, No.11)
  • Scenes from Childhood 7 (Op.15, No.7)
  • The Wild Rider (Op.68, No.8)
    Georg Philipp Telemann

  • Gigue in G Major
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

  • The Sick Doll (Op.39, No.7)
  • Old French Song (Op.39, No.16)
  • The Doll’s Funeral (Op.39, No.7)
  • The New Doll (Op.39, No.6)
  • Italian Song (Op.39, No.15)