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In A General Becomes a Legend, Spencer Taylor Jr., known as the Godfather of quartet music, takes readers through his 75+ year journey in becoming a pioneer with longevity in the music business. As a little boy from humble beginnings, Taylor always knew there was more for him in life, so he left his family’s farm in Mississippi to see what God had in store for him. Little did he know that singing with his family under the direction of his mother would lead to a lifetime career as a “General” in quartet music. From dealing with racial experiences while growing up to traveling and sharing stages globally with such greats as Sam Cooke, Johnnie Taylor, and Aretha Franklin and handling the ups and downs of a group’s dynamics, Taylor overcame circumstances and soared to become the leader of the still-standing group The Highway Q.C.’s. In every step of his journey, Spencer shares his wisdom of success and attributes his longevity to God whom he has always put first.