(as of May 21,2022 02:23:00 UTC – Details)

This 120inch portable projector screen was equipped with unique design,greatly improving its self-performance.
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. For most of family, this projector screen will be choice for them to transform their living room or backyard open lawn in to a private home theater cinema.
Adding more fun to your home and enjoying the jollification atmosphere from your family or friends.

>> HD Projection. Made of elastic milk silk polyester and spandex, portable screen is thicker than other screen on the market. Provide Color reproduction without color cast.You can enjoy the real and nature color.
>> Unique Screen Edge Design. It’s nice to have the right tension on each side.Flatter without wave and wrinkle free,no image segmentation,no easy to tear screen down.
>> Lightweight,Portable. High density aluminum poles greatly lessen its weight and improve its convenience for anywhere. You can pack screen down to travel bag and use it anywhere you want.
>> Easy to install. Basically Several minutes enough for 2 people to install. Simple accessory without complex installation.
>> Solid and stable. Dual rectangle base have advantage of offering more stability and taking up less room compared with triangle base. You can insert posts into 4 base hole for double reinforcement, no easy blown up by wind.

6 X Long tubes
6 X I-shape joints
3 X Crossbar
2 X Oblong base
2 X L-shape joints
4 X Ground nail
1 X 120 inch projector screen
1 X Manual
1 X Travel bag

【Unique Screen Edge Design】3-side black border adopt hollow design convenient for posts insertion. Projector screen will be greatly maintained itself flatness, less waves and wrinkles. When some breeze blows over and screen can’t easily be deflected. This design will increase its the whole screen’s stability and benefit for fast installation. No any complicated process of fixing outdoor movie screen.
【High-Quality Accessory】Projector screen with stand 120 inch comes with several Lightweight aluminum poles.It don’t easily be rust or distorted. Deeper plastic joints can be perfectly insert into aluminum poles with a tight fit to avoid loose. Two oblong base with 4 fixed posts greatly make the stand very sturdy. Its base will take less rooms on its behind but meanwhile no lessen its stability.
【Lightweight And Easy To Carry】Projector screen with stand 120 inch. You can hold it on one hand or put travel bags on your shoulders, easy to carry in anywhere you want and pack away. It is very portable and takes less space.You can put it in the car trunks for travel. Better enjoy an exciting movie with 4k ultra HD home projector when at outdoor. Compatible indoor with outdoor use. Great gift ideas on Birthday, Fathers day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so on.
【Easy To Install Within 5 Mins】No screws, no strings,only several kinds of accessory, enough to fastly and firmly set it up. You don’t need to do research or buy for extra accessory. Two people work together can finish assembling within 5 mins. Great for rapidly transfer place with less time. If the foldable projector screens get dirty, you can wash it and then hang it up.