Australian Pop Music: Ruel releases new Free Time EP

A year equates to a lifetime of experience for 16-year-old Australian singer and songwriter Ruel.

Since releasing his debut EP Ready in June last year, the young musician has amassed more than 300 million streams for his songs, sold out venerable institutions such as the Sydney Opera House — twice — and won praise from legends such as Elton John and peers including Khalid.

Songs about young love or outgrowing childhood friends struck an instant chord with thousands of teenagers who snapped up his concert tickets within minutes of them going on sale.

media_cameraRuel is bowling over the world, one song at a time. Pictured at Manhattan Superbowl ahead of the release of his new EP Free Time. Picture: Justin Lloyd

As he releases his second EP Free Time this week, Ruel said he was conscious of not falling into the trap of writing the “tour” record.

“I worried about running out of relatable life experiences; from 12 to 15, when I…

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