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Are you ready to learn, practice & apply the most important scales in music?

Bass for Beginners: Major and Minor Scales + Exercises is the ultimate intro to bass scales!

Why take the time to learn bass scales? Because it will set you up for success with all the other playing you want to learn. Melodies will become more intuitive and less difficult when you know the scales behind the music.

Real-World Bass Lines!

This how-to bass book is divided into 16 practice sessions, each featuring an important major or minor scale pattern. From Michael Mueller, author of the hit book How to Play Bass Guitar in 14 Days, this title is packed full of important bass scales, exercises & bass lines.

To help you learn these crucial patterns, each session of this beginner bass guitar book puts a scale through five exercises and then applies it to a real-world bass line in either a rock, pop, or reggae style, among others.

You’ll find 16 daily practice sessions in this bass scales book for learning:

  • Open-Position Patterns
  • Movable Patterns
  • Real-World Bass Lines
  • Scale Theory
  • Includes multiple keys and more!

    Beginner bass guitar lesson exercises include:

  • Chromatic
  • Arpeggios
  • Real-World Bass Lines
  • Experience the Troy Nelson Music difference:

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  • All scales, exercises, and bass lines are presented in easy-to-understand fretboard diagrams and rhythm tab so you, the beginner, can quickly apply the material to your instrument!

    Read it! Hear it! Play it!

    Music examples are presented in fretboard diagrams and tab. This practical, step-by-step guide to beginning bass guitar includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streaming—right from No signup required!

    About Michael Mueller: Over the past 20 years, Michael Mueller has authored over 20 instructional guitar books, with over 380,000 units sold. Titles include the #1 New Releases How to Play Bass Guitar in 14 Days, How to Play Ukulele in 14 Days, as well as Christmas songbooks for ukulele and bass guitar. In addition, Michael has written the Hal Leonard Rock Guitar Method, Acoustic Guitar Tab Method, and Scale-Chord Relationships. He has also edited countless others, including the top-selling Guitar Aerobics (Troy Nelson) and Ukulele Aerobics (Chad Johnson) titles. Additionally, he has served as the Editor at top guitar magazines Guitar One and Guitar Edge, and he’s contributed to Guitar World, Jazz Times, and Sirius XM, among others.

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