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Improvise jazz on saxophone with a simple six-step method

This is not a how to play the saxophone book or a how to play the clarinet book. It’s a how to play music book!

Many woodwind players come from a classical background which may not have taught you how to play by ear. While this can provide an excellent grounding in music, it doesn’t teach you how to improvise, and often it’s difficult for classically trained musicians to learn Jazz soloing.

Beginner Jazz Soloing For Saxophone & Clarinet is the perfect guide to bridge the gap. Devised by Buster Birch (visiting jazz professor at Trinity Conservatoire), this book teaches a creative method for improvisation that’s been road-tested at hundreds of workshops.

Professor approved jazz sax soloing

Don’t just take our word for it!

“This is a great resource, both for beginners and more advanced students (it’s always good to go backwards!) Buster arranges this in a way that introduces ideas logically and slowly, yet still allows for creativity and invention.”  – Liam Noble, Professor of Jazz Piano at Birmingham Conservatoire & Trinity College of Music

“An accessible and methodical introduction to the art of jazz improvisation. This book will be useful to students and teachers in developing the essential basic skills needed to improvise in a melodic and coherent way.” – Mick Foster,  Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Trinity Conservatoire of Music & Goldsmiths College

Learn to improvise blues and jazz on saxophone from the ground up

  • Discover a systematic guide to improvisation by an award-winning musician and educator
  • Master the simple call and response method of composing improvised lines
  • Grow your skills through a well-conceived method that builds layer-on-layer
  • Improvise using the Minor Pentatonic scale
  • Learn how to easily transpose your ideas to any other key

Bonus: 450+ Audio examples for Alto, Tenor and Clarinet

A simple six-step sax improvisation method that works every time

All the exercises in this book have been tried and tested in jazz workshops with both child and adult learners, producing astonishing results time and again. In 2017 the author’s jazz school won the prestigious Will Michael Diploma Award for Jazz Education – a national award recognising “outstanding commitment to jazz education”.

In Beginner Jazz Soloing For Saxophone & Clarinet the art of improvisation for beginners is broken down into six steps that guide students to become confident improvisers. You will become fully equipped to improvise a solo with confidence.

Learn to improvise on saxophone and clarinet and create your own musical ideas

Having begun to improvise, you will also learn: 

  • To play four specially written tunes that demonstrate how to turn improvised ideas into songs
  • How to compose your own riff blues tune

Taking beginner jazz saxophone soloing further

Learn to play jazz solo lines over the ii V I progression – the most common chord sequence in Jazz

Learn saxophone/clarinet articulation techniques that add emotion and flair to your jazz solos, such as legato, staccato, slurs, ghost notes and more…

Audio and backing tracks

Beginner Jazz Soloing For Saxophone & Clarinet contains over 450 audio examples and backing tracks. You’ll hear each idea in action and every articulation clearly played for you to copy. It truly is a one-stop-shop on your path to jazz improvisation 

Buy Beginner Jazz Soloing For Saxophone & Clarinet and get creative right now.

Today is the day you learn to improvise!