Best of Soft Rock Instrumental Playlist Songs – Beats of Soft Rock Music 2017 Compilation

Soft rock or light rock is basically a sub genre of pop music which mainly features acoustic guitars & slow to mid tempos. Soft rock Music Makers employ regular use of catchy, high pitch harmonies, plain verse-chorus structures & lyrics that are sentimental. Soft rock music has its roots in the starting of 70s in California, U.S.A. It started to emerge as a different genre of music by deriving the beats of pop & rock music, but after making the edges smooth. One of the key feature in which soft rock have differentiated from Hard rock is that in the former, the song beats are quite less rebellious in nature. Soft rock became sensation over U.S. radio in the 70s and finally got transformed into adult contemporary in the 80s. A prominent counterpart of soft rock in the late 1970s and early 1980s came to be known as ‘yacht rock also emerged as a counterpart of soft rock music.
After the end of 70s, both forms of mainstream rock music i.e soft rock and hard rock (which was already a well established genre by that time) became very popular over radio. Carole King, Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, Cat Stevens were among the popular music sensations of that era.
Our collection of Soft Rock Instrumental Music compilations will be an effort to bring the best of soft rock music songs from the latest international artistes, together in a 1 hour compilation which you can simply play & enjoy. We would like to know how you feel about this exclusive genre of music, through your comments below.
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