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Practical Advice for Adult, Self-Taught Musicians

“Practicing” is a Practice
Turn practicing into a joyful activity you engage in for its own sake.

Work Efficiently, Progress Faster
Practice more effectively, using the advice of great teachers and scientific learning.

Become Your Own, Best Teacher
Identify the traits of the best teachers, and use them to teach yourself.

Integrate Mind and Body
Learn practical methods that will help you play with ease and fluency.

Start with an Intention
Begin each day’s practice with a concept to help you stay focused and positive.

Play More Musically
Learn to make your playing more musical, engaging, and listenable.

A Chapter for Every Day You Practice
197 self-contained chapters each offer a single idea or technique. Read one whenever you practice, or once a week, or whenever you want. Read them in order, or pick one that looks interesting.

Why “Traditional Music”?

The term traditional (or “trad”) music can refer to regional musical styles from any part of the world. This music is often taught and learned person-to-person, by listening and playing together. The focus has often been on playing for dancers, or on playing together as a social event, rather than performing.

Traditional music can include anything from Celtic music to klezmer, Cajun, Brazilian chorro, English country dance music, tango, Québécois, blues and a hundred other styles.

You don’t have to play “trad” to benefit from the ideas in this book. The concepts can be used by classical and jazz musicians and even visual artists to enhance their creativity and joy.