Please enjoy this amazing holiday jazz music video. We pray you all have a wonderful holiday season. Now sit back, relax and enjoy some peaceful christmas jazz 🙂

Welcome to the Smooth Jazz Cafe channel where you are one click away from of our smooth relaxing Jazz music sessions. Apple Airpods Pro –, great for listening to your favorite Jazz Music!!

Smooth jazz Cafe strives to bring you a warm and relaxing atmosphere to sit back, relax and enjoy some really smooth jazz music sessions. It is our hope that that you are able to come home from the stresses of life and sit down and relax to some smooth relaxing jazz music.

“Jazz is an open ended music designed for open minds”

Our Smooth jazz cafe channel will have a variety of smooth jazz, relaxing jazz, romantic jazz, funky jazz and both classic and modern jazz music. We will also include rhythm and blues music, Instrumental music sessions, smooth jazz piano, and Big band music as well.

We really hope you enjoy our channel and please subscribe, Like and share with others so that they may enjoy a relaxing jazz music evening. Please join us every week for new and relaxing jazz music sessions. “If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time!” We hope and pray our channel brings some peace and relaxation to your life. Now sit back, relax and click another jazz session, enjoy the music!

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Thank You so much for Joining us today for some great smooth Jazz sessions. We hope to see and hear from you soon! Stay positive and love one another.