Cozy Jazz Music & Rain Night | Coffee Shop Ambience with Sweet Piano Jazz Music for Work,Study,Sleep

The atmosphere is great at a café with great views of the city. Sitting by the wide window watching the whole city through the rain. Small bar sticks are cleverly arranged to increase the comfort of the entire space. A rainy night of soothing jazz music rang out and hummed in the middle of the city on the lights. Perhaps this is a genre of music that makes people want to sit back for a long time, listen and relax gently by the shimmering candlelight. Life outside the window is still noisy but inside the café the warmth spreads throughout the space burning small hearts. A sudden rain fell outside the large windows. The sound of rain is a sound that blends into the smooth jazz background to create a very relaxing and harmonious sound. They are like being created for each other that are attractive and incredibly attractive. Let’s sit together and enjoy the hot coffee and listen to the gentle, soothing melodies of jazz. Coffee becomes a delicacy for the soul of each person, the person who comes to coffee to confide and worry, the person who comes to coffee to spark creativity in work, the person who looks to coffee for inspiration. creative. Coffee is simply a way of enjoying life!
The space of a jazz lover is strangely poetic. Each golden light source moves gently reflected through the glass. The rainy night was relaxing and different from the natural scenery and the familiar jazz music. The question is, why do so many people love jazz? To put it simply, jazz is gentle, relaxed and mellow. The music gently swayed, everything seemed to be moving in a gentle Jazz melody that echoed.

☕ The coffee space is cozy, jazz is relaxed and the aroma from the coffee cups. Sit down in the coffee chair, sip a cup of hot coffee, read your favorite book and gently sway to the piano notes of jazz. They are all pieces that make up the perfect space to study or even relieve stress. Happiness comes from the smallest things. We can create our own happiness by visiting Cozy Coffee Shop to listen to music and read our favorite books.
♥️ Wish all the best things will come to you today.

✍ Storyline:
”Everybody has a city they want to go to, for me New York is that dream city. The plane was about to land, the unique lights under the sky attracted me. It started to rain, in New York it was very cold and rainy. Taking the car back to the hotel, I was heartbroken because of the cold of a strange place. The city that came out of my dreams appeared before my eyes, large and beautiful. After tidying up my things, I immediately went down the street to find my own pleasures here. Woww what’s in front of my eyes… A cafe with magical shimmering lights. This place is an extremely sophisticated combination between a cafe and a bar. Order yourself a cup of campuchino and sit down at the table, watching the scenery here through a large glass window. It’s still raining outside, but the space is extremely warm. Everyone who comes to the shop chooses a quiet place to work. Perhaps because the gentle melodies of Jazz music help them focus so. As for me, those sounds help me relieve any stress and can help me fall asleep easily. Suddenly..”

The story above is fictitious and written for entertainment purposes only!

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