Crumb’s indie rock was built on jazz foundation

As one might suspect from Crumb’s debut disc, Jinx, singer-guitarist Lila Ramani and keyboardist Brian Aronow took a different path to indie rock than many of their contemporaries. Forget crashing around in punk bands or stumbling through the White Stripes’ back catalogue in high school, the two bandmates were into a genre that doesn’t resonate with most folks until later in life.

“Brian and I both met by being in a jazz group,” Ramani says, on a conference call with Aronow from an Austin, Texas, tour stop. “So that’s definitely our initial background. I played a lot of jazz in high school, mainly jazz guitar. That’s the world that we started in.”

Aronow continues: “Saxophone was actually my main instrument until Crumb. But even though we loved jazz, we both knew that we weren’t interested in being in jazz quartets or…

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