i’m a big fan of technology, and i’m also a big fan of live music. and one of the things that i think bts does that i’m really excited about is that they blend the two together. just like music brings people together.
―duane benajmin, conductor and music director

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time stamps ⌛️

0:00 – [entering the club]
0:30 – still with you (lofi edit) – paintamelody
4:15 – rain (instrumental) – bts
8:40 – don’t leave me (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
13:03 – stigma (instrumental) – bts
16:36 – airplane, pt. 2 (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
20:11 – fake love (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
24:44 – shine (yoongi’s theme) – bts world ost
25:53 – i need u (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
30:07 – still with you (piano cover) – funguypiano
32:53 – filter (piano cover) – shin giwon piano
35:53 – singularity (piano cover) – paintamelody
39:07 – no more dream (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
42:20 – captain (namjoon’s theme) – bts world ost
43:56 – go go (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
48:05 – war of hormone (piano cover) – piano dreamers
52:44 – idol (jazz arrangement) – shin giwon piano
56:18 – singularity (instrumental) – bts
59:35 – anpanman (jazz arrangment) – shin giwon piano
1:03:15 – dna (piano cover) – funguypiano

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a normal bts study playlist, except it’s friday night at the local jazz club. featuring piano and jazz arrangements of bts songs, plus straight instrumentals of some of their jazzier tracks.

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happy monday everyone ☀️ this is a bit different genre-wise than most of my bts mixes, but it won in the poll i put out last week, so hopefully y’all enjoy! huuuuuuuuge shoutout to shin giwon piano for his wonderful jazz arrangements that made 80% of this thing possible. you can find his channel (and the channels of other cover artists in this playlist) below.

shin giwon piano



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