Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience is the concert tour by the HBO epic fantasy series Game of Thrones featuring composer Ramin Djawadi. The all-arena tour was announced on August 8, 2016 at an intimate concert in Los Angeles, California. The tour consists of 24 dates in cities across the United States and Canada. The tour’s title is in reference to House Stark motto, “Winter is Coming.” The concert started on February 20, 2017 in Saint Paul, Minnesota and ends on April 2 in Portland, Oregon.

On August 8, 2016, composer Ramin Djawadi announced the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience Tour at an event at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles with Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark in the series.

The tour features the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi, conducting an 80-piece orchestra and choir, who performed highlights from the series’ musical score, on a 360-degree stage. In addition, LED telescoping and wall screens, and special 3D designs rise from the stage floor.

We really want to summarize the show the best we can, There’s a lot of different locations and events to cover. If you come and watch this concert, you really get a nice summary and a nice look back on the past seasons. The one I’m really excited about is ‘Light of the Seven,’ which was such a great surprise to the viewers, because it’s the first time we’re using piano, Besides the orchestra and the choir, we will have the piano and that piece to play. That’ll be really great live. – Ramin Djawadi

In an interview, Djawadi talked about the tour, saying, “I’m going through the music to adapt it more for a live performance, and I might have a vocalist on a piece that didn’t have one before, or lengthen another piece, I’m not bound to the picture anymore, so I can let the music tell its own story, and be creative about it.”

A weirwood tree is formed on the stage during the concert.
The concert contains multiple stages and the main stage (King’s Landing stage), features Djawadi as conductor with the orchestra and choir. On the other side of the stage (Winterfell stage), features another choir and also soloists. In between those stages, it features four smaller stages, with each being named after different locations from the world of Game of Thrones. There is also a runway between the two main stages, that is also a location.

3:27 opening theme
6:10 noble houses
9:32 House Stark North Remembers
13:53 Theon Greyjoy
18:37 Daenerys Targaryen and Dothraki theme
24:23 Stannis Baratheon Red Woman theme
28:20 House Lannister Rains of Castamere theme
32:24 Red Wedding
36:15 Others’ theme Night’s Watch vs Wildlings
41:37 Jon Snow and Ygritte You Know Nothing Jon Snow
44:54 Daenerys Targaryen Unsullied Dracarys
48:16 The Children
51:00 House of Black and White
54:36 Arya Stark theme No one
58:01 High Sparrow theme
1:00:21 Shame Rains Of Castamere
1:02:57 Breaker of Chains
1:06:42 Sons of Harpy theme
1:10:25 Battle of Meereen
1:12:59 Goodbye Brother
1:14:55 Hardhome
1:17:38 Hold The Door
1:19:26 Jon Snow resurrection
1:21:09 Battle of the Bastards
1:32:00 Maester
1:36:50 Light of The Seven
1:45:59 The Finale Winds of Winter
1:53:00 Bear and the maiden fair, Tribute to the dead characters