The song is Going Unplugged. It is from my CD called “A Change Will Do You Good” that I released in 2014.
This video was cut from footage of that trip which lasted from March 1993 to August 1997. It was shot with an RCA VHF camera at a whopping 240 res! Wow, have times changed.
Since the song was about this trip and inspired by something said as we pushed off that day, I thought it was appropriate to use that old footage. Honestly, I cut the video more for myself and a few close friends for the memories but I posted it because people kept asking me to.

Both Korina and Going Unplugged feature my Degan Marimba made in 1928. It is actually referred to as xylo-marimba because the tubes are a bit shorter than normal Marimba tubes but I still call it a marimba.

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