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Let’s just come out and say it: being a DIY artist in today’s music industry is overwhelming. It’s a challenge. Most aspects of today’s entertainment industry are ambiguous—so many things to keep track of, and very little clarity on what’s relevant, crucial, and unnecessary. To top it off, the list seems to grow by the minute. The next popular social media platform, tomorrow’s flashy new trend, the latest algorithm update, improved methods of discovery, innovative listening mediums, changes in what captures a young audience’s attention—the list goes on and on. And everything circles back to the age-old question: “How do I grow a fan base?” This book provides the answer. Groundwork For Artists takes the overwhelming aspects of growing a fan base as a DIY artist in today’s music industry, and consolidates them into 10 steps to packaging up your artistry and getting it in front of the right people—using tools right at our fingertips. Each step in the Groundwork For Artists blueprint serves as a foundation for the next step to grow on top of, making organization—a DIY necessity—an easy feat. From branding, content creation, and releasing music, to social media ads, public relations, and live shows, this book sheds light on the correct areas of focus in an order-of-operations format. Dive right into the main questions: “How do I grow a real fan base?” and “What’s the common denominator in the success stories?” and “How do I weather the constant change?” You’re an artist. A musician. A manager, perhaps. An up-and-coming music industry professional. Or, all of the above. No matter where you are in your career, Groundwork for Artists is a must-read. Hidden beneath the ambiguity, there really are no industry secrets—just hard work, organization, and focusing on the right things in the correct order.