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Bored of playing the same old guitar chords?

An extensive chord vocabulary combined with an understanding of how they are constructed is going to transform your guitar playing. Say goodbye to boring chord progressions, break out of your beginner mindset and cowboy chord comfort zone to join the world of the guitar pro. Your journey to guitar heaven starts here, with the Guitar Chords Bible!  

Why do you need to learn more chords?

Want to jam with other musicians? Avoid looking like an amateur and stop worrying about your skill set. Expand your chord knowledge and be ready to crush in just about any scenario.

Chords will become more than just memorized hand shapes.

As guitar players we often get locked into shapes and patterns. While they serve their purpose, they will only take you so far. The Guitar Chord Bible will ultimately teach you more chords, but that’s not it. You’ll quickly get to a level, where you’ll feel confident enough to start creating your own voicings!

You’ll start to see the fretboard differently 

Rapidly, you’ll begin to see the relationship between chords and scales. Your solos will improve dramatically as you’ll understand the hot notes to play on each passing chord. No more sounding like a beginner!

Songwriting will become a breeze

Great songwriting is all about great chords. While you can certainly go a long way with 3 chords, there’s a whole new world of textures and emotions to be discovered. 

  •  Learn new and exciting voicings to add flavour to your progressions
  •  Move away from writing the same old songs
  •  Learn how inversions can add a new dimension to an ordinary song

Unlock the fretboard with the CAGED system

The what system? With the CAGED system you’ll learn how to move all those open chords you already know up and down the neck. No need to be stuck on the first fret anymore as you’ll be able to map out the entire neck in no time at all. 

Gain access to a 1053 strong chord dictionary 

The Guitar Chords Bible has one the most complete chord dictionaries around – we named it the chord bible for a reason! With 1053 chords for you to refer to whenever you want, you’ll never be stuck for voicings or new chords ever again.

Music theory doesn’t have to be a drag.

The Guitar Chords Bible makes learning theory fun and easy to understand. No more shying away once you know your fretboard like a pro. If you want to progress and become a great guitar player, you’ll need to improve your understanding of music, that’s what we’re playing for after all! 

Supercharge your Jazz guitar playing

Jazz music is chord heaven, just look at any jazz standard. The Guitar Chords Bible will give you all you need to become a real jazz cat.

Take control of your guitar playing and empower yourself with the great tools you have at your disposal. The Guitar Chords Bible is essential for any serious guitar player looking to reach their full playing potential. There’s a massive amount of exciting information and material to learn.

Scroll all the way back up and hit “Buy Now” to make an awesome investment in yourself.