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SLAY MOVIE NIGHT with the “Horror Movie Night Cookbook, Volume 1!”Invite friends over, make simple yet delicious recipes, mix themed cocktails, play bonus drinking games, and press play!”Horror Movie Night Cookbook, Volume 1” contains everything you’ll need to be the star of your own horror movie night!Enjoy food and drink pairings while watching:JawsPsychoScreamPoltergeistThe ConjuringShaun of the DeadEvent HorizonThe Evil DeadHalloween…AND MORE!!!!HISTORY OF HORROR MOVIE NIGHT:When my friends told me that they knew very little about the horror genre, I felt like it was my duty to introduce them to what I considered to be “the essentials.” I started hosting Horror Movie Nights where we would watch 3 films with a theme. Each film would inspire a different meal course and cocktail pairing. The recipes in this book are based on some of my personal favorite films, some of the classics, and some scary flicks that are just fun.I’ll show you how I broke down my movie nights, but I encourage you to alter the recipes as you see fit. Just be creative with the portion sizes.If you purchased this book, you must be a horror nut like me, so thank you! My friends and I had a hell of a time testing and tasting these recipes (especially the cocktails), and I hope you have a killer time when you take a stab at recreating them at your own movie nights. I should mention that you will not find kitschy Pinterest recipes – like brownies shaped like ghosts with googly eyes – in this book. These are actual recipes inspired by content of the films, not Halloween decorations.STAY TUNED FOR VOLUME 2!