How Marilyn Manson Unleashed A New Beast

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Prior to the release of the Mechanical Animals album, on 15 September 1998, Marilyn Manson was the self-styled “God Of F__k”: a brash, gothic horror-show icon born in post-industrial alternative rock. If the pounding aggression of 1996’s Antichrist Superstar was the soundtrack for aggrieved white suburban kids across America, Mechanical Animals was Manson’s love letter to them.

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A new direction

The success of Antichrist Superstar provoked a cultural movement. Teenagers across the US appropriated Manson’s style as their own, claiming it as an expression of their true self. The album brimmed with hate-fuelled bombast that dared the mainstream to censor him. It elevated Manson to the brink of megastardom and afforded him a glitzy Hollywood lifestyle – albeit a…

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