The evolution of pop music.

It seems like pop music is an easy target for some music snobs. But considering it’s a genre that is designed to reach as broad of an audience as possible, we think that most people are at least secret fans. Far from all sounding the same, there are tons of different subgenres of pop music, and they are all traceable back to their historical roots. We’ll take you inside the history of pop music, and explain how it has evolved over the years to the music that we know today. And just in case you think your preferred decade of pop music is special, we’ll let you in on some info about how your brain processes music, and you might just be shocked at your nostalgia colored glasses. After learning all that, we’ll let you make up your mind about your favorite decade of music. Let us know which one you prefer in the comment section, and then click subscribe to get access to more videos from TheTalko.

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