In this week’s video, Austin shows you how he produced an Indie Pop song with guitar, retro pads and synths, hard hitting drums, and huge vocal production for the artist, Landon Austin!

Listen to “Till I’m Out of Stars” by Landon Austin Here:

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Preview 0:00
Intro 0:21
Listening to the Initial Demo 1:54
Laying Down Verse Guitars 3:30
Programming Verse Drums 4:47
Verse Synths and Pads 6:15
Verse B Section 8:55
Producing the Pre-Chorus 11:16
Building Up The Chorus Drums 13:45
Chorus Guitars 15:17
Chorus Bass and Synths 16:16
Chorus Vocal Production 17:25
Adding Tweaks for Verse 2 19:57
Additions to the Second Pre-Chorus / Chorus 23:00
Creating a Bridge 24:10
Final Chorus 25:10
Crazy Chorus Vocal FX 25:38
Finishing the Track 27:20
Outro 28:10