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“My favorite place to play on the farm was a big rock that resembled a throne. The only problem was that some rattlesnakes had laid claim to the area under the rock. Every spring my dad would go down and poke around the rock with the barrel of his rifle. When the snakes came out he would shoot until he killed all that he could rustle out. Then he declared that I could play there, but if I ever heard a rattle, I was to get away from there in a hurry and call him. He would then go back and get as many more out as he could, but he could never get them all. So I learned to listen while I played for the telltale rattle of the snakes that inhabited my kingdom.” Corine Cullins grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma in the 1930s. These irresistible stories seen through the eyes of a scrappy farm girl will enable a whole new generation of readers to experience her adventures, imagine what it was like to grow up poor but happy, and see how much daily life has changed from nearly a hundred years ago. The heart-wrenching catastrophes her family faced on the farm could have easily dominated her outlook. Instead, these charming stories resonate with hope and an enduring love of life.