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A. Wesley Chung – Coffee & Cream
Alfie – Over Our Heads
Apollos – Drift
August Green – Pictures
Baltimore – Secret Melodies
Breeze – Can You Get Along.
Bwani Junction – Civil War
COASTAL LIGHTS – Weekday – The A&R Department
Coconut Milk – Honeysuckle Trees
Creature Canyon – Hurricane
Dalaro – Synthetic
daphne tunes – Thinkin on a Mem
Digisaurus – Without Me
Donny – Too Crazy to Love You
Ella Metherell – Rocked
Honig – Look What The Tide Brought In
I Didn’t Mean It – Nic Nim
Infinity _ Wicked Game (Carolina Wallace Mashup Cover) – CarolinaWallace
Ivy Nations – You Are the Centre of Me
Jack Shields – Ghost
Jack Shields – Live It Light
Jay Bird,Clay Agnew – Hold On (feat_ Clay Agnew)
Jenna & the Janes – Take It Home
Jens Kuross – We Will Run
Jeris – Mystery
Jesse Taylor – Waters
Jesse Will – Genevieve
Jessie Munro – Enough for Me
Jillian Lake – Bleed Baby Bleed
Joanne Rowe – Bird Man
Jon Du – Light of Day
Jonas Kallstrand – Dad
Jonathan Ogden – By the Streams
Jordan Soulman – Growing Up
Julia Johnson – Collarbone
Julian Moon – Common Dangers
Juno Dunes – Club Teams
Justin Rock – Sleeping in the Shade
J_ Alan Schneider – Behold
Kaskelott – Throw Us Out
Kelly Oliver,N.A – Bedlam
Kenniston – Just in Case
Kesang Marstrand – For My Love
Keston Cobblers Club – Pett Level
Kingdom of the Sun – Damon Barnett
Kitt Philippa – Moth
Krista Polvere – Father
Land of Trees – Don’t Be a Fool
Land of Trees – For the Books
Land of Trees – If Worse Comes to Worst
Laura Goldthorp – Candy Shops
Leeuw – Blu
Lewisland – A Point Of View
Lizzie Kent – Secrets
Llovers – A Second With You
Llovers – Feeling Sound
Lost In Vancouver – Rose In Retrospect
lukethompsonmusic – Boxes
Mt_ Doubt – Tourists
NoMBe – Wait
Odder Seas – Limbo
Paul Cook and The Chronicles – A Real Thunderbolt
Rachel K Collier – Tattoo
The Lighthouse – Hollywood
The Natterjacks – Part Of This Love
The Runaway Club – We’re Gonna Be Alright
Unknown Neighbour – Home
WALLA – Talking Dirty

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