Jann Wenner to leave Rock Hall confident ‘no mistakes were made’ under his watch

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — It figures that the founder of a music magazine — some say THE music magazine — like Rolling Stone and the co-creator of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame would have good ears, so let’s assume Jann Wenner is not deaf.

Which means he obviously has heard the loud and frequent boos during his commencement speeches at the annual inductions, and the even louder complaints about who gets into the hall he and the late Ahmet Ertegun created in 1985.

All that criticism is surprising — at least to Wenner — since he asserted in a telephone interview last week that “virtually no mistakes have been made.”

In that interview, Wenner covered a variety of topics, from his role with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and his affection for the museum here in Cleveland, to his choice of iHeart Media executive John Sykes as…

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