Jazz lovers gather for 59th annual Texas Jazz Festival

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — “For the love of jazz, and the future of jazz.” Director of logistics, Charles Herschbach Jr. says that’s why the Texas Jazz Festival Society works hard to bring jazz music to the public, free of charge.

This weekend marked the 59th annual Texas Jazz Festival.

“Basically the society was brought together to perpetuate music and help educate the youth and to keep jazz especially, but all forms of music.” Herschbach said. “Keep it going in the youth so that they can grow up with it and keep it going.”

In 1959, members of the Jazz Club at Del Mar College played a jazz concert which later transformed into the Texas Jazz Fesitival.

For 20 years now, Texas Jazz Festival has called Heritage Park home, and this year more than 50 bands took the stage.

One of those bands was the West Oso Alumni Band.

Graduates spanning from…

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