Yiannis Kapoulas – Live- OLYMPIA

Multi Instrumentalist

Yiannis is a unique artist in the world music category.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he moved to Europe in 1989 to launch his music career where he spent 13 years recording, producing and performing with many of the top artists in some of the most prestigious concert halls and venues.

His music incorporates sounds and instruments from all over the world. Raised in the multicultural Greater Toronto Area and performing extensively in Europe, Yiannis was influenced early on by the beauty and richness of world cultures.
An adept string player and multi-instrumentalist, Yiannis sings and composes for his solo and instrumental projects. Instruments from his native Greece such as the Bouzouki, Tzoura, Baglama, Laouto as well as Eastern stringed instruments; Oud, Laouta, Saz, Cumbus, and Violin can be heard throughout his compositions. His ability to cross cultural boundaries can also be heard through his Guitar, Percussion and Keyboard work. As a Jazz and Funk drummer in the high school music program, this experience was influential in developing his versatility in the Western style and working in complex time signatures.

In addition to his own projects, Yiannis works with studios developing tracks and as a session player for commercial and film production.

While the experience of working with masters was key to shaping his musical career, Yiannis attributes his playing primarily to his father George Kapoulas (a Laouto player and vocalist in the Greek Dimotiko style) persistent coaching and placing a Bouzouki into his hands at the age of 4.

Yiannis endeavours to continue collaborating with other artists and gaining inspiration from all cultures in the hopes of creating music that both transforms and inspires.

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