software for professional live band

Livetraker What Is It?

The ALL IN ONE software to manage tracks music. Play, Control and Manage  Audio / Midi  / Text / Video tracks. Livetraker is The Complete Stage Solution for Professional Live Bands. It’s easy, “no fuss” interface crafted by listening to thousands of feedbacks from live musicians, worldwide.
No “fancy” buttons, yet BIG ones: best for who PLAY online! This is the a lot more fast, functional and simple user interface we’ve understood till now. You will be able to gain access to anything with couple of clicks. Low learning contour ensured: you will certainly be able to begin functioning reside in minutes! Download now here your Free Trial, Full functional, Never expire, just limited to 5 songs!


with sequencer Sight you’ll have the ability to have an overall “Eye Bird Fly” of any tracks you’re using, their placement and lenght You can move any kind of solitary tracks like into a DAW, to transform its placement beginning and more Include realtime impacts like EQ and Compressor and save it instantaneously with the track without modifying the initial data You will certainly have the ability to handle VISUALLY any type of type of tracks: audio, video, midi, clicks, text. A very nice software to manage tracks music!


conveniently assign any tracks to subrouting mix Drag ‘n’ Decrease is assistance for a very easy company and/or substitute Energetic solo and/or mute for each and every track on the fly, get rid of and add tracks also when system is playing! As in Sequencer View, you can add realtime effects like EQ and Compressor and wait immediately with the track without modifying the original documents In thi software to manage tracks music you can Set MTC, Metronome Click, Midi controller Tracks … you can do anything!


insert, modify, develop, style and established timing for nay text inside your trck You can transform dimension, colours, Strong effects and also more. You can additionally select the sort of relocation from Flip, Scroll, block and also handbook as well Designate a timing is a snap, simply click in realtime when do you want the text will show up on display


this is the “control board” of this software to manage tracks music where you are able to appoint anything to anywhere! Subgroup directing of Audio and Midi tracks 8 Monitor subgroup-mixer for private mono/stereo blends Audio output approximately 32 stereo channels and/or 64 mono channels Livetraker V4 is the best “adjusting space” for online mix specialists note: number of monitor, group, tracks rely on variation


Establish your major global controls right into a solitary place: nearly everything you require to establish is below! Superfast setup, assignments, directing, exterior video clip sources *. Establishing your Shortkeys to navigate in customized method into the system or chaining outside equipment. Set all midi command, input, clock, remote control and also even more. *only Pro version.


4 Video clip Out + Unlimited Video Clip Tracks V4 PRO system can take care of 1 interior + 3 exterior Video screens, each one with a different video track. Real sustained video styles: WMV, MOV, AVI. MP4 is partly supported due to compression made use of. Verses video clip message display are independent from Video Out tracks, that suggests you can have 3 video clip on videowall + all lyrics on your phase monitor: this is the POWER of Livetraker V4! *only Pro version.

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