Louisa Roach: ‘It’s quite stark but the machine hasn’t changed and it’s not gonna unless someone does something about it’

Singer-songwriter and frontwoman of Wirral four-piece She Drew the Gun discusses the band’s UK tour and her own musical evolution

Two albums into their career, Wirral four-piece She Drew the Gun, fronted by songwriter Louisa Roach, are turning heads with their complementary mix of melodic indie pop and no-messing socio-political comment. Their current mammoth UK tour is titled Trouble Every Day after their updated cover version of the Frank Zappa track of the same name, which was originally written in response to coverage of the Watts riots in LA in 1965.

‘It’s amazing how reflective the words were,’ says Roach, ‘but I thought if I changed some of the verses into what’s happening now then it might have more impact, so it’s using a song which is 50 years old to say the same thing, that the media’s really not serving you. It’s quite stark in a way but I suppose the machine hasn’t changed and it’s…

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