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00:00 Loving Caliber feat. Emmi – We Should Start Right Now
03:28 Lvly feat. Milva – Can’t Forgive Myself
06:18 waykap feat. Emmi – We Come Alive
09:35 Mindme feat. Milva – Get Me out of Here
12:40 Mindme feat. Alexa Cappelli – Fire
15:41 Particle House feat. Le June – Is This Love
19:15 SOOP – Just Wanna Come Alive
22:25 Flux Vortex – Lost Touch
25:22 Gamma Skies feat. Alice Genberg – Someone to Rely On
28:38 Tommy Ljungberg – Black Hole
31:41 Particle House feat. Le June – Your Touch
34:53 Basixx feat. Emmi – Body on Body
38:32 Deanz feat. Astyn Turr – A Whole Lot Better
40:59 waykap feat. Emmi – Heaven
44:20 Deanz feat. Andy Delos Santos – Can’t Be the Only One
47:16 Velveteen feat. Astyn Turr – Wasn’t Even Close
50:20 Basixx – The Chase
53:44 NIGHTCAP – Young Love
56:38 Katnip feat. Milva – Close to U
59:40 Mondays feat. Paulina Fröling – Burst And Pop

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