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0:00:00 Aiyo – When You Call My Name
0:03:12 Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman – Give It All To You
0:06:34 Basixx feat. Leone – There You Go Walking out That Door
0:09:37 Vacancy feat Ami CissΓ© – When We Were One
0:12:29 Aiyo feat. G Curtis – Pink Clouds And Fairy Dust
0:15:33 Basixx feat. Frigga – Let’s Stay Up All Night
0:19:05 Mindme feat. HeliNo Good For Each Other
0:22:12 Loving Caliber, Hallman feat. Christine Smit – While We’re Young (Hallman Remix)
0:25:21 DJ Mayson – Drunk On You
0:28:21 Lvly feat. Alexandra – We Got This
0:31:37 Basixx feat. LaKesha Nugent – I Just Can’t Change My Emotions
0:35:00 Aiyo feat. G Curtis – Issues
0:38:10 waykap feat. Mia Pfirrman – Lay It All On Me
0:41:05 LED Monster – Come Alive
0:43:40 Daxten, Wai feat. Revel Day – Can’t Stay No Longer
0:46:49 Loving Calibre, Hallman feat. Mia Pfirrman – Say We’re Sorry (Hallman Remix)
0:50:07 Tape Machines feat. Vicki Vox – Sweat On Me
0:53:18 Basixx feat. G Curtis – I’m Just An Accident Waiting to Happen
0:56:42 LED Monster – Meant To Be
0:59:24 waykap feat. Emmi – You’ll Be on My Mind
1:02:32 Basixx feat. Ella Faye – We Came to Party
1:05:38 STRLGHT – Flames
1:08:41 Mindme, Gribbe feat Mia Pfirrman – If I Change (Gribbe Remix)
1:11:53 Hallman – Go from Here
1:15:26 Basixx feat. G Curtis – Give Me One More Chance
1:18:36 Lvly feat. Emmi – Moom’s Old Hatchback (In Too Deep)
1:21:45 Daxten, Wai feat. Mia Pfirrman – I’m Waking Up
1:24:45 Basixx feat. TASH – If You’re Looking For Trouble
1:27:55 Hallman feat. ELWIN – What Do We Do to Love

Photograph by: https://unsplash.com/@aloragriffiths

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