Enjoy this Relaxing Coffee Shop Ambience with Smooth Jazz Music with Rain outisde. Hello followers when i decided to create this 8 hour long video your well being was my number one priority and so, to help improve your concentration and study, work performance or just sleep all night.I hope you enjoy my relaxing jazz music playlist that i’ve created for you.

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When I decided to create this Coffee Shop, I had a simple vision, to create a place where you could visit or simply be inspired.

Check out our playlist with Coffee Shops and Relaxing Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz or Bossa Nova:

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Welcome to Coffee Shop Mood channel and immerse yourself in these cozy cafe ambience with relaxing Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz or Bossa Nova Music.
Each ambience is specifically designed and created to give you a perfect setting when you need to work, study as well as for those times when you just need to sleep or relax after a long day.

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All our ambiences and sounds are original.
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