Relaxing Jazz Music in Bookstore Cafe Ambience | Background Music to Work, Focus, Study, Relax [4K]

In your spare time will you go to a coffee shop or a library? It’s good that there is a cafe space that shrinks the library model inside. The large bookshelves with many compartments containing hundreds of meaningful books will surely make people curious. This is a suitable coffee shop to relax and settle down. It is wonderful to sit in a modern, cozy space and decorated with splendid lights. Enjoy your own respite with every note of jazz playing smoothly. Talk about your favorite winter drink? Coffee will certainly be a great choice, their strong aroma and warmth both wake people up and warm the cold hearts of winter nights. Coffee will help us slow down and understand our thoughts better after a tiring working time. Outside the window, the snowflakes were still falling and clinging firmly to the window frame. Gradually, the weather is becoming more and more severe, people can only run away from the cold winter. How about you? Come to our Cozy Coffee Shop to listen to the soothing sounds of Jazz music. Jazz music reverberates so that the space settles down, gently and without noise. Be careful with the jazz piano playing, they will make people mesmerized. The gentle Jazz music you are listening to is the most passionate thing we want to send to you to help you relieve stress after tired and stressful hours of studying and working. Let’s enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the cafe and the special Jazz tunes we created for you.
This small cafe is still lit, the Jazz music is still playing and the warmth never goes away. Please visit Cozy Coffee Shop often and share with your dearest friends who know us!

📖 Storyline:
“Sudden rains in the heart of the city are often unavoidable. They are pervasive and cover all the space around us. On winter nights, the flow of people running in the rain chaotically under the main roads. I came home with a wet body, I had just experienced the same rain. A cup of hot coffee slid down my throat to soothe the cold, turned on a soft jazz music and leaned on the sofa, watching the raindrops fall on the window sill. Life is so peaceful right now. I found myself in the middle of large flower fields and sunny, extremely warm. This place is different from my rainy city, everything is shining with golden light. The scent of flowers blends into the nose. I am like a butterfly spreading its wings over the field, free and enjoying the aftertaste life brings. This place is like a fairyland, the scenery is magical and beautiful.
The sound of thunder slashed across the window, awakening the dreaming subconscious. The rain hasn’t stopped, I just woke up from a deep sleep…”
The story above is fictitious and written for entertainment purposes only.

Both the cozy coffee atmosphere and the best music for the cafe are created by us. It is relaxing jazz music and the sound of ASMR crackling fireplace, falling snow, etc. They have the effect of reducing stress, fatigue and increasing concentration. Please hit the follow button and leave a share in the comment section, Cozy Coffee Shop thanks for that.

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