This is a response video to ‘Why is Modern Music so Awful’ by Thoughty2. It’s the most viewed video on the topic of popular musical decline. It’s a complete rehash of the study: ‘Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music’ which came out a few years ago.

My response calls into question the importance of the musical properties being discussed: harmonic complexity, timbral diversity and loudness and I also point out some basic logical flaws too. All in all, Thoughty2 has done a terrible job of informing the public and I’m attempting to do my part in order to set things right.

So if you’re a music fan or a person interested in alternative music who thinks the world is moving on without them, you may find some solace in this video.

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The horror music at the end of the video was created by GowlerMusic:

The violin & guitar icons in the ‘Let’s Talk Timber’ section were by GrĂ©gory Montigny from the Noun Project

Special thanks to Luke Knight and Savith Wadasinghe.