Surf Rock: 1 Hour of Best Surf Rock Music. Best of classic surf rock music with surf rock guitar instrumental.

Download this surf rock guitar music playlist here:

Original music by David Lewis Luong, Sydney Australia. For every song you buy from David’s music site (, he will donate 50% of the net proceeds to the ‘World Vision’ charity program to help build a better world for children.

Featured in this surf rock music album are:

Track 1: Pipeline thrills (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Cruising Chevrolet (starts at 5:33)
Track 3: For Mart Sue (starts at 9:34)
Track 4: Californian sun (starts at 15:54)
Track 5: Shut down (starts at 19:55)
Track 6: Barrel vision (starts at 24:42)
Track 7: Dodge chasing (starts at 28:19)
Track 8: Duck dive (starts at 32:20)
Track 9: Cutback (starts at 36:13)
Track 10: Rock with Lisa (starts at 39:16)
Track 11: At the surf diner (starts at 42:18)
Track 12: Grommet Joe (starts at 45:40)
Encore starts at 50:06

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