The Bellevue-based band that ruled the 70’s rock music scene

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The rock band, Heart, got their journey started in a Bellevue basement and grew to rule Rock ‘n’ Roll radio.

“Hah! You know. When you step on the stage and ten thousand people go ‘YAY’ when you haven’t played yet – it’s a great thing,” shared Roger Fisher, their guitarist.

Fans were very enthusiastic when the sisters rocked out their hits: Crazy on You, Barracuda, and Magic Man.

“It did draw attention to us. It was almost like being a novelty,” said Ann Wilson. “There were no women slinging guitars in those days,” added Nancy Wilson.

In the middle of the crowd, riding the soundboard, Band Manager Mike Fisher was watching a dream come true. 

“I just had this vision for what those people could become and I was totally fired up and passionate about it,” explained Fisher.

Mike hasn’t done an…

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