The Strokes have finished new album, says guitarist Nick Valensi

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The New York indie outfit whose name has become synonymous with legendary indie rock music, The Strokes, are returning with their first full-length album since 2013.

The Strokes’ guitarist, Nick Valensi, has recently teased that the band’s long-awaited new album is finally finished. You can check out the clip below, where he confirms our wildest dreams.

The band’s last full-length album Comedown Machine was released back in 2013, and was followed by the 2016 EP titled Future Present Past. That wasn’t enough, however, as fans wanted something more real to sink their teeth into.

Currently back on the live circuit, Julian Casablancas and company debuted a new song called ‘The Adults Are Talking’ in May. Following its airing, The Strokes’ booking agent claimed that the group “are coming with new music” off the back of their…

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