“There’s something more unique about the tone and there’s something about the look with the f-holes”” MusicRadar

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ELECTRIC GUITAR WEEK: Is there a secret?” ponders Spoon singer/guitarist Britt Daniel when asked how he wrote his band’s most popular indie-rock anthems. Is there, perhaps, a stage of the process that might be unique to him? He takes a moment to think about it.

“I’m not really sure, to be honest. What I usually do is, to put it dramatically, go into some kind of trance. You have to get lost in what you are doing. That’s how I create, getting totally absorbed in chords and then coming up with strong melodies on top of them.”

The Spoon leader also points how, while stockpiling ideas is all well and good, it’s the selection process of what to build on further that helped cement a fruitful career since starting the band in 1993. Without this crucial point in his creative method, perhaps the Texans would never have cracked top…

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