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Unwind—no, REWIND—with this retro party in a book!

Rock and pop music from the ’70s and ’80s still brings Joy and an immediate smile to people everywhere. It’s the soundtrack to the lives of GenXers and takes you right back to where you were when you heard each song. This fun-filled music is a Call to the Heart and the inspiration for this book.
In unique, new formats, the reader’s knowledge of song titles, lyrics, and the artists who made them famous will be tested on page after page. Nostalgic readers will be compelled to share with friends, making this an instant Rock and Roll Party.

  • More than 1,000 quiz questions—perfect for trivia night, whether in-person or virtual!
  • 18 chapters with unique themes covering much of pop culture.
  • A smart mix of musical genres and difficulty levels.
  • Totally excellent for GenXers, trivia contests, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, musicians, DJs, classic rock and pop fans, book lovers, ’70s and ’80s parties.