WashPost Pop Critic Complains Protest Songs Won’t Take Down Trump, Remake America

In Saturday’s Washington Post, pop music critic Chris Richards penned an essay throbbing with dissatisfaction that today’s protest music is inadequate for the Trump era. He began: 

These are wild and anxious times for our wild and anxious planet. So why do the most visible protest songs of the Trump era feel so inert? From the numb thud of “This Is America” to the woke winks on the new Taylor Swift album, contemporary protest pop feels increasingly prominent, deeply unimaginative and embarrassingly insufficient.

Nowhere in this article did Richards think about the protest music surging in the streets of Hong Kong. That’s not the part of the “anxious planet” he’s interested in, apparently. He cited as top songs “Love If We Made It” by the band called The 1975 and “This Is America” by the rapper Childish Gambino.

“Love It If We Made It” recites the ugliest global headlines of the past few years while flashing a…

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