Who Sings ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’? Inside TikTok Meme – Rolling Stone

Every generation has a Halloween meme that exists somewhere in the Venn diagram of weird, scary, and vaguely horny. For boomers, it’s the Monster Mash; for Gen X, it’s the scene in Ghostbusters where Dan Aykroyd gets a blowie from a ghost; for Gen Y, it’s the KXVO Pumpkin Dance Guy with David S. Pumpkins in close second. Now, Gen Z has their own version of Vaguely Horny Halloween Creepiness thanks to the remix of “Spooky Spooky Skeletons,” a 1996 novelty hit by Andrew Gold that’s now being subject to the TikTok trend treatment.


For the past few weeks, the #teens have been posting TikToks of themselves doing a highly choreographed dance to an insanely catchy dubstep remix of a song called “Spooky Scary Skeletons.” The dance itself is a bit comparable to the Chicken Noodle Dance, albeit jauntier, sexier, and more spasmodic. Some, such as Ellen Show staffers who recently posted a version on the show’s…

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